Natural remedies and cures for constipation

The moment you put something in your mouth there is an impact on your health, positive or negative. The digestive system is the warehouse for the whole body, supplying nutrients to every other system. When something goes wrong with the digestive system, the whole body can be affected.

Dietary guidance for constipation

Your diet plays an important role in the treatment of constipation.

Drink two liters of pure still water daily between meals; eat figs, papaya, spinach, prunes and beetroot.

At bedtime, take Dr Ali's Gut Cleansing Gel: put two tablespoons, or as directed, in a mug of warm water, stir, mix in one teaspoon of manuka honey and drink quickly before the contents become gelatinous; drink two glasses of water afterwards to wash it down.

If you are very constipated (one or two bowel movements a week), take Qurs Mullayan, an Unani remedy from an ancient European system of medicine - one at bedtime for two months.

For other digestive problems
Avoid yeast products, citrus fruit, spiced food, canned products, ready-made sauces, coffee, beer, champagne and red wine for three months.

Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.
If you wish, sip a little water during meals, but only drink larger quantities at least 45 minutes before and after meals.

For your skin problems
Drink an infusion of Dr Ali's Detox Powder in the morning for two months (soak two in a cup of hot water at night). This will help to detoxify your gut and control candida overgrowth, which may be affecting your skin.

For general energy and health
Massage your neck and shoulders for five minutes every night at bed time with Dr Ali's Lifestyle Massage Oil . The tension in these areas will decrease and the blood flow to the brain will improve. This will make you calmer and improve your sleep.

Listen to a relaxation tape, such as Dr Ali's Relaxation Tape to calm your mind at bedtime.