It is a book that introduces Dr. Ali’s philosophy and methods of treatment.

The punch line is that the body can heel itself provided the sight conditions are set up for it to do so. It has a M.O.T. (My Own Testing) which helps you to assess your current state of health. It also has explanations for different types of diagnosis he uses ( Tongue, Iridology, Pulse, Earology, Nails). The second part deals with his treatment plan for common ailments. It was on the Best Seller list in the UK.


Part 1: Background
1.   What is integrated health?
2.   The history of medicine
3.   How your body works

Part 2: Optimising health
4.   Optimising health
5.   Diet
6.   Exercise and rest
7.   Massage and muscles
8.   Individuality
9.   The mind
10. Carrying out an MOT

Part 3: When things go wrong
11.  Restoring health
12.  Energy: chronic fatigue syndrome
13.  The circulatory system: high blood pressure
14.  The respiratory system: flu and the common cold
15.  The musculo-skeletal system: backaches
16.  The neurological system: headaches and migraine
17.  Psychological problems: stress
18.  The hormonal / reproductive system: infertility and menstrual problems
19.  The digestive system: acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence
20.  The life support system: insomnia and sleep disorders
21.  The immune system: fungal infection
22.  The two giant killers: cancer and heart disease
23.  Prognosis